The art gallery in Elena

A piece of news published in “Vek” (“Century”) newspaper in 1874 mentioned the construction of a school in Elena. The author called it  “the building of the muses” which from a modern perspective is a suitable definition.

The article is about the start of the construction of the “burned-down” school in Elena, as it is known, which was built by – Usta Gencho Kunev from Tryavna.

A few years later during the Russo-Turkish War, it was burned down. The ingenious people of Elena sold the food stores left from the Ottoman army and with the money earned they restored the building in 1880.

A fire started on 14 February 1988 and burned it down for the second time. Only the stone foundations are left after the fire.

In 2019 the building was restored for the third time. In 2021 the building is fully restored and it looks like the original one from 1880.

Project „Culture in Eternity“, code: ROBG-423

Project value (ERDF): 1, 199, 667.16 €

It is implemented by Elena Municipality in partnership with Medgidia Municipality, Constanta county, Romania.

Project „Culture in Eternity“ is cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme.

The Culture in Eternity project is directly linked to the principles of sustainable development and actively promotes equal opportunities, non-discrimination and gender equality.