by Desislava Koleva

Successful presentation of the Municipality of Elena in the 39th Exhibition Vacation and SPA EXPO 2023″ Sofia

On February 15-17, the Municipality of Elena participated in the 39th edition of the international tourist exchange “Vacation and SPA” in Sofia under the motto “Dynamics and trust!“

The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Tourism Dr. Ilin Dimitrov and was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Tourism.

This year’s edition marks an increase in participants – 250 exhibitors from 15 countries. 30% of the participants are travel companies, 40% are representatives of various destinations, including local regions and municipalities, diplomatic missions from Algeria, Greece, Dubai (OAE), India, Italy, Spain, Lithuania, Mauritius, Maldives, Peru, Romania , Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey. Hotels and resort complexes make up 12% of the exhibitors.

During the three days of the event, the Municipality of Elena promotes its tourist products, which are the local production in the region and are the pride of the people of Elena. From the unique raw dried delicacies, to ecologically clean dairy products, dried mushrooms, natural juices, sweets and much more! Visitors had the opportunity to try the famous local specialties, to see engraving on wood by the master woodcarver, and in particular, chef Martin Truhchev shared the secrets of preparing our authentic appetizers, which those who wished had the opportunity to freely taste.

The tourist attractions, cultural and historical sites and holidays from the cultural calendar, accommodation and dining and entertainment establishments were presented, and of course the tourist potential of the municipality was presented!


The first edition of “Elena Art Fest” took place from June 2 to 4 this year and took place under the motto “Tree is Life”. The city welcomed artists from near and far with interests in various fields of art.

Elena has become a place of creativity and innovation. Within the framework of the event, two plein airs took place – on painting, which is part of the “Culture in Eternity” project, and on woodwork, as well as two workshops with an educational focus – on calligraphy and mosaic.

On June 2, the “Green Lecture” of the RISV Veliko Tarnovo was held at SU “Ivan Momchilov” on the occasion of the World Environment Day – June 5.

In the evening, the festival was officially opened with a presentation of the participants and a greeting from the mayor of Elena Municipality, Eng. Dilyan Mlazev, after which the wonderful children of the “Elita” Vocal Studio led by Petya Vasileva from the city of Veliko Tarnovo performed a concert.

On June 3, the event continued with an educational lecture at the “Tourism” department at VTU “St. St. Cyril and Methodius” in front of the 11th grade students of “Ivan N. Momchilov” Secondary School. The teachers in an innovative way presented to the youth the advantages of why it is important to know more about the place where we live.

The motivational lecture “Art is a path” by Prof. Svetoslav Kosev, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Veliko Tarnovo University, was presented to the audience gathered in the Art Gallery, with exceptional examples of graphics with augmented reality.

The accompanying program included the discussion panel “The advantage of working in partnership”, aimed at representatives of the tourism business. The lectures were broadcasted live on the festival page and thus they reached a wider number of people.

The presentation of the book “Clay” by Viktoria Beshliyska, which took place in the cozy atmosphere of the “Hilarion Makariopolski” house museum, took place with a lot of emotions and with great interest from Elen residents and guests. Victoria, whose roots connect her to our region, managed to move everyone, telling her memories of Elena and how the city left a lasting mark on her consciousness.

The finale was the concert of the “PoPoKATE5l” group, accompanied by many dances from the enthusiastic audience.

The final day of the latest art event began with a tree planting event, a World Environment Day initiative. In Kaleto Park, representatives of the Municipality of Elena, together with the city’s Rotary Club and the graduates of the Center for Family Accommodation for Disabled Children, planted 50 oak trees provided by

An overview walking tour of the sights of Elena was realized by students from the Department of Tourism at Veliko Tarnovo University.

On Saturday evening, under the sounds of the music of Amy Roxow and Ili Radeva, in front of the Art Gallery, the creations from the various activities of the festival were presented with an exhibition. The five works of woodwork remained as art decorations in various locations in the center of Elena. In the two workshops – on mosaic and calligraphy, interesting works of art were also created by people who wished to feel the magic of this type of creativity.

At the closing of the event, the plein air participants received a diploma and a commemorative photo from the mayor of Elena Municipality. The participants in the two workshops were also awarded certificates. A letter of thanks was received from Dr. Dimitar Simeonov, vice-rector for academic activities at Veliko Tarnovo University.

With its initiatives, “Elena Art Fest” managed to bring together several different institutions united by a common goal. The main organizer was the Municipality of Elena in cooperation with the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. St. Cyril and Methodius”. Partners of the fest were: community center “Napreduk – Elena – 1863”, Museum of the Renaissance, Rotary Club Elena, Local Tourism Council, Tarnovo Run, and others.

Both participants and guests wished that this was only the good start of a joint partnership event that will delight everyone again with its next edition next year.


Source – Facebook

A new edition of the “Lucian Grigorescu” International Painting Camp, concluded with pomp and color in the municipality of Medgidia

On Wednesday, August 24, 2022, the 18th edition of the “Lucian Grigorescu” International Painting Camp in the municipality of Medgidia, came to an end.
The closing ceremony of the activities was marked in the ceremonial hall of the Medgidia Military Circle with an impressive art exhibition.
The event took place in the presence of local officials, the artists participating in the camp, the local and county media and the public interested in the cultural life of Medgidia. For this year’s edition, a special album was created, on the pages of which the participants of the event were encouraged to write their thoughts and experience, like in a book of honor, where a precious memory will remain.
As a sign of gratitude for the presence, effort and professionalism shown throughout the seven days of the camp, the artists were rewarded by the local public administration, through Mr. Vice Mayor Niculae Păun, with a diploma, a plaque, a bouquet of flowers and a series of of souvenirs to keep alive the memory of the 18th edition of the camp.
În încheierea activităților auditoriul a fost plăcut surprins de un incendiar mini concert susținut de unul dintre cei mai versatili și rafinați vioriști actuali, Amadeea Violin, care a transmis povești pasionale prin intermediul instrumentului său.
Programul artistic al zilei a continuat cu un memorabil concert de muzică românească și internațională aparținând Coralei Bărbătești Armonia, dirijată de Ion Iulian Dumitru, care a adunat un public numeros în sala de spectacole a Cercului Militar Medgidia. Întregul moment muzical s-a desfășurat sub oblăduirea Înaltpreasfinției Sale, Teodosie, Arhiepiscopul Tomisului.
Dovedită a fi un real succes pentru viața culturală a comunității locale, Tabăra Internațională de Pictură „Lucian Grigorescu” încheie încă un capitol al existenței sale în aplauzele criticilor și iubitorilor de artă de pretutindeni.
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The festival of fights and historical reenactment – DAPIX, 2022, a real success for the fifth time, in the municipality of Mejidiya
“Heroes never die in Medgidia “
In the period May 20-22, 2022, the municipality of Međidia hosted the fifth edition of the International Festival of Games and Historical Reconstructions DAPYX, 2022.
During the three days of the festival, the main historical periods that marked the history of mankind came to life at the Municipal Stadium “Iftimiye Ilisei”: Antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Modern and the modern centuries.
The inspiration for the event was built by the famous King Dapyx, an ancient ruler and hero of the Bogean territories, who refused to surrender to the Roman Empire, fought to the death, in the Geto-Roman battles of 29-28 BC. C.R.
It is the fifth year in which, under the slogan “At Medjidia, heroes never die!” “The municipality of Mejidia is the favorite meeting place for lovers of history and quality music with members of cultural associations and artists at national and international level.
The event debuted with an impressive parade along the main arteries of the municipality with the participation of hundreds of members of associations and historical restoration groups attending the event.
At the end of each day, show-goers were delighted to participate, in the arena of the Iftimiye Ilisei Municipal Stadium, in the re-enactment of some famous battles in history, such as the last battle of King Dapiks and the Battle of Vidin against Osman Pazvantoglu Pass.
The evenings of this great event for the municipality of Međidia were under the sign of quality music, through the presence of dedicated bands and artists such as: Osoianu Sisters, Wolves of Calancea, Millenium, Iuliana Beregoi, Connect-R, Smiley and Vasilis Karras with the band.
The last evening of the festival brought together members of the cultural associations and the attending members of the public in a fun pillow fight at the Iftimiye Ilysei stadium.
The end of the program was marked by a new firework display, doubled by a game of lasers, aiming to conclude a spectacular event that, for three days, charged the entire municipality of Međidia with emotion, tension and color.


Traditionally, the Municipality of Elena expands the range of activities offered by the Municipal Tourist Information Centre during the summer months and provides more tourist guides for the guests of the town.


Plein air on fine arts in the town of Elena is among the activities of the joint project “Culture in Eternity” of the municipalities of Elena and Medgidia, funded by the cross-border cooperation program “Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria 2014-2020”.


The host of this year’s fair of the community centres in the municipality of Elena was the community centre “Nauka-1900” in the village of Maryan. The beginning of this wonderful initiative dates back to 2001. In many of the villages, the activity of the community centres has never stopped, despite the challenges over the years; the buildings constructed by the ancestors with great enthusiasm and voluntary work are still full of life. The community centre in Marian is one of the first, founded 120 years ago.

Project „Culture in eternity“, ROBG-423
Project value (ERDF): 1, 199, 667.16 €

It is implemented by Elena Municipality in partnership with Medgidia Municipality, Constanta county, Romania.

Project „Culture in Eternity“ is cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme.