Dapyx Festival– Medgidia, Romania

The festival is named after king Dapyx an ancient ruler and hero who lived in those places. He was killed in a battle with the Roman empire around 29 – 28 B.C. The festival is one of a kind in Romania and Eastern Europe thanks to the variety of historical periods which is a subject to the reenactment – from the Antiquity to the Middle ages and the modern history. This successful model is only compared to the renowned festival Savaria in Hungary near the Austrian border, where the tourists become three times more than the locals during the festival.
The festival is held every year in May. For four days it offers special activities to satisfy the curiosity of the ordinary tourist and the lovers of history interested in craftsmanship, equipment or reenactments.
Every evening the viewers can also attend concerts, held by famous performers at the local stadium. The variety and quality of the events turn the festival into the most expected event in Medgidia under the slogan “In Medgidia, the heroes never die!” and it is slowly gaining national and international popularity.

Copyright Elena municipality

Project „Culture in Eternity“, code: ROBG-423

Project value (ERDF): 1, 199, 667.16 €

It is implemented by Elena Municipality in partnership with Medgidia Municipality, Constanta county, Romania.

Project „Culture in Eternity“ is cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme.

The Culture in Eternity project is directly linked to the principles of sustainable development and actively promotes equal opportunities, non-discrimination and gender equality.