Project description:


The Culture in Eternity project aims to preserve, promote and further develop the culture in its two partner municipalities and leave it to future generations.
To achieve the above, with a focus on promoting the two territories, the partners decided to adopt a cross-border approach and cover the following:
To valorise and promote the cultural heritage of their territories, thus increasing the tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region.
By assessing the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for development, the partners developed this project with the following main objectives:

  • Restoration of a cultural object – the burned school in Elena and its transformation into a tourist attraction – a gallery, where a valuable collection of paintings and icons stored in the museum in Elena will be.
  • Arranging an open space for cultural exchange in the municipality of Elena.
  • Organizing plein airs, workshops and a festival to promote the cultural heritage of the partners.
  • Creation and promotion of an integrated tourist product – tourist packages focused on cultural and festival tourism.
  • Creation of an innovative and interactive mechanism for presentation and promotion of the cultural heritage of the two municipalities – Elena and Medgidia – a web-based promotion platform called “Culture corner” (integrated tourist service).
  • Information and promotion activities.

In the long run, the successful implementation of the above will contribute to the achievement of the following results:

  • Preserved cultural heritage in the cross-border region.
  • Popularization of the culture and increase of the tourist attractiveness in the cross-border region.
  • Rise in the tourist flow and increased number of nights spent in the cross-border region.

Culture in Eternity project is co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund within the INTERREG V-A Romania-Bulgaria Program 2014-2020

Total allowable value: 1,411,373.15 €
Project value (The European Regional Development Fund): 1,199,667.16 €
Co-financing from national budgets: 183,464.42 €
Co-financing from national budgets: 28,241.57 €

Project „Culture in Eternity“, code: ROBG-423

Project value (ERDF): 1, 199, 667.16 €

It is implemented by Elena Municipality in partnership with Medgidia Municipality, Constanta county, Romania.

Project „Culture in Eternity“ is cofinanced by the European Union through European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Romania – Bulgaria Programme.

The Culture in Eternity project is directly linked to the principles of sustainable development and actively promotes equal opportunities, non-discrimination and gender equality.