The host of this year’s fair of the community centres in the municipality of Elena was the community centre “Nauka-1900” in the village of Maryan. The beginning of this wonderful initiative dates back to 2001. In many of the villages, the activity of the community centres has never stopped, despite the challenges over the years; the buildings constructed by the ancestors with great enthusiasm and voluntary work are still full of life. The community centre in Marian is one of the first, founded 120 years ago.

In each host village, the fair becomes a real holiday and shows that the fire of patriotism burns in the hearts of young and old, brings together different generations who have managed with great effort and love to preserve folk traditions. Due to the epidemic situation, 12 responded to the invitation to participate in the event from 19 community centres. This time the hosts organised a different holiday – it was held in the park of the village, maintained and arranged with the voluntary work of local people. The festival gathered a large audience, and the arch, decorated with wildflowers, the colourful costumes, the fun, the songs and dances attracted anyone who travelled through the village that day.

A wonderful scenario for the celebration was prepared by Milena Ilieva – chairwoman of the community centre in Maryan. The fair was opened by Desislava Shopova, deputy mayor of the municipality, and the artistic programme began with the performance of six-year-old Simona. The young dancers: Victoria Slavcheva, Trayana Stoyanova, Yordan Minchev, as well as the little reciters from the community centre in Todyuvtsi brought a lot of beauty and liveliness. The performance of the senior amateurs, who remained faithful to their love for the Bulgarian folklore songs, aroused real affection in the spectators.

The mayor eng. Dilyan Mlazev congratulated the participants for their wonderful performance and awarded special diplomas to the group leaders.

The program of the XX Fair of the community centres ended with a ritual of handing over the flag of the host for 2022 – National community centre “Saglasie-2014” in the village of Blaskovtsi.